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Seville Blockout
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Seville Blockout Calico Roman Blinds

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The warm undertone of Calico Seville Blockout truly makes a living space romantic. Add some warm lights with this Roman Blind and your space will have a classic feel. The mood it creates makes your space truly inviting. A cup of coffee, a nice book, and an afternoon chat with friends will always be better with this.

Roman Blinds offer modern ways to allow you to control the light that comes into your space. You may retract these blinds to give you the window view and the abundance of light.

  • Custom-made Roman Blinds in Australia. By Australia.
  • Strong, easy to clean Roman Blinds fabrics
  • Rollease Acmeda headrail and sidewinder
  • Chain control for a smooth and easy operation
  • Perfect fold every time
  • Slimline back batten system
  • Your choice of blind control location
  • Your choice of bottom bar colour
  • Your choice of chain colour
  • Easy to install