White Birch
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Aluminium White Birch Plantation Shutters

$389 00


When we see a space of white, we think of clarity, peace and calm right away. White Birch Plantation Shutters give us those qualities we didn't think a window treatment can provide. Its simplicity brings both elegance and style in an interior, one that blends well with other colour schemes.

Apart from lifting your style prowess to the next level, White Birch Plantation Shutters give you the power to choose more natural light and light up your space. You may also block it to dim your interior. The choice rests with you.

  • Powder-coated aluminium plantation shutters
  • Super strong and tough high tensile aluminium
  • Lightweight, durable, and fantastic wearability
  • Smooth louvre operation
  • Easy to clean and give you longevity
  • Won't warp, unlike pvc or polymer shutters
  • Water & moisture resistant, unlike mdf shutters which absorbs water
  • Enviro friendly
  • Affordable than timber shutters
  • Your choice of shutter frame
  • Easy to install