Gloss White
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Aluminium Gloss White Plantation Shutters

$449 00


A splash of white can do wonder to a somewhat drearily dull interior. The clean and crisp white of Gloss White Plantation Shutters can bring natural brightness in a room, a refreshing look that invites rest and relaxation.

A highly durable choice, Gloss White Plantation Shutters will raise your home's value. Once fitted into a window, the shutters become a permanent fixture.

  • Powder-coated aluminium plantation shutters
  • Super strong and tough high tensile aluminium
  • Lightweight, durable, and fantastic wearability
  • Smooth louvre operation
  • Easy to clean and give you longevity
  • Won't warp, unlike pvc or polymer shutters
  • Water & moisture resistant, unlike mdf shutters which absorbs water
  • Enviro friendly
  • Affordable than timber shutters
  • Your choice of shutter frame
  • Easy to install