Night & Charcoal
Seville Blockout & One Sunscreen
Photos are for illustrative purposes only. Appearance and colours may vary.

Seville Blockout & One Sunscreen Night & Charcoal Dual Roller Blinds Pre Picked

$119 00


Colour black adds a dramatic element to your space that gives it an elegant and artistic style. Versatile and classic, we turn to black to add another colour to a neutral backdrop. We choose it to make our window pop. It complements well with other color schemes, seamlessly giving you the impression that it has its own distinct spot in your interior.

Getting these dual roller blinds will be the best decision you will ever have for your interior. It makes switching from suncreen to blockout so fast and attending to your lighting and privacy concerns has been made easy.

  • Custom-made in Australia. By Australia.
  • Strong, easy to clean fabrics
  • Universal brackets for top, side or face fitting.
  • Rollease Acmeda Aluminium Roller Tube.
  • Rollease Acmeda Side Winder. Easy smooth opearation.
  • Chain length is 2/3 of blind drop
  • Your choice of blind control location
  • Your choice of bottom bar colour
  • Your choice of chain colour
  • Easy to install
  • Minimum width 300mm, minimum drop 300mm
  • Maximum width 3000mm, maximum drop 3000mm

Please note: The actual width of the fabric will be approximately 32mm less than the width you supplied to allow for the brackets and mechanism.