Calico & Shale
Seville Blockout & One Sunscreen
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Seville Blockout & One Sunscreen Calico & Shale Dual Roller Blinds Pre Picked

$119 00


Sometimes you want a view and natural light from your window and yet you are concerned about your privacy at the same time. Often you also prefer a darker ambiance depending on your mood. ABC Blinds enables you to enjoy both with its collection of dual roller blinds.

The fusion of off-white and light grey colours has a grounding effect in an interior. It's clean and refreshing. Your interior will feel less cramped and cluttered.

  • Custom-made in Australia. By Australia.
  • Strong, easy to clean fabrics
  • Universal brackets for top, side or face fitting.
  • Rollease Acmeda Aluminium Roller Tube.
  • Rollease Acmeda Side Winder. Easy smooth opearation.
  • Chain length is 2/3 of blind drop
  • Your choice of blind control location
  • Your choice of bottom bar colour
  • Your choice of chain colour
  • Easy to install
  • Minimum width 300mm, minimum drop 300mm
  • Maximum width 3000mm, maximum drop 3000mm

Please note: The actual width of the fabric will be approximately 32mm less than the width you supplied to allow for the brackets and mechanism.