25mm Matte
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25mm Matte Chino Aluminium Venetian Blinds

$97 00


There is something that draws us to darker and rich colors. This Chino Aluminum Venetian Blind is a classic example. Mount this on your window and it would perfectly match an interior with darker color palette with neutral tones like black, dark grey and brown.

The functionality of venetian blind is second to none. You can allow light to cascade in whenever you want to save on energy or block the sunlight to achieve a darker ambiance.

  • Slimline for a smarter and sleeker look
  • Colour coordinated headrail, bottom-rail and cords
  • Easy wand tilt-control enable the adjustment of sunlight and privacy levels
  • High-quality self-locking blind mechanism for easy raising and lowering
  • Water and moist resistant suitable for bathrooms and kitchen
  • Your choice of blind control location
  • Easy to install
  • Minimum width 300mm, minimum drop 300mm
  • Maximum width 3000mm, maximum drop 3000mm